When the One You Love Is Wayward

Dave Harvey and Paul Gilbert | February 14, 2017

When people talk about love, they tend to think about feelings of attraction—that joy and excitement of being with someone who makes you feel alive. Yet most of us know this attraction is just scratching the surface. Real love is something deep and powerful, a committed faithfulness that is sacrificial and loyal. Love is keeping your promises, even when it hurts. It’s patient and kind, gracious and forgiving, and willing to speak the truth even when doing so is costly (1 Cor. 13:4–7). We know this love is tough.

For the most part, tough love gets us through the tough times. Every relationship experiences struggle. Yet when two people are committed, reasonable, and willing to work things out, love finds a way through it all.

Loving a prodigal is even tougher.

It’s loving a rebel, someone who isn’t trying to work it out and who doesn’t have your interests in mind. It’s loving someone who’s enamored with sin and who doesn’t care about the consequences—or the pain and hurt it causes others. The wayward often see themselves as the victims, and they’re hell-bent on finding their freedom on their terms.

Rugged Love 

Prodigals need more than tough love; they need a rugged love

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