When the Unbeliever Departs

Rachel Watson | March 7, 2016

I met him at Bible college. I thought he was funny and smart, and one day we went on an accidental date to the food court because we were studying together and got hungry. But I really began admiring him that night on Skid Row in Los Angeles. A group of us from school would often hand out tacos and talk to homeless people. On this particular night, a homeless man offered him a seat on his blanket. It quickly became apparent from the color and smell that the blanket was soaked with urine. I cringed and waited to see what he would do. He hesitated a moment, then smiled and sat down with a “thank you.” They talked for hours. Watching him endure discomfort to show the love of Christ caught my attention. Not long after that, I realized I wanted to minister to him and with him for the rest of my life.

We were friends for years before dating. We dated for years before getting engaged. We had the support of our families, friends, and church. My dad performed our wedding ceremony, and my best friend made the cake. He was even my first kiss.

Not long ago…

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