Who Is Jesus?

| February 3, 2015

Have you ever mistaken a person for someone else? I remember being at a party with my best friend in high school. We had just arrived when we saw our friend Nicole standing in the corner having a good time. We had spent time with Nicole and her pregnant friend the day before, so we decided to walk over and greet them. My best friend said hey to Nicole, rubbed her friend’s belly with a kind smile, and thoughtfully asked, “How’s the baby?” The only problem was that this was a different friend. And she wasn’t in the least bit pregnant. Man, was I glad I didn’t speak up first. 

It can be embarrassing and humorous to make mistakes about other people’s identities. You risk looking dumb and offending others, so it’s best to be sure before you speak up. 

Greg Gilbert’s new book is about recognizing someone else’s identity, but the stakes are much higher. When we talk about Jesus, we’re in a totally different category than recognizing old friends or acquaintances. When we’re mistaken about Jesus’s identity, it’s more than embarrassing—it’s tragic. 

This is why Greg states from the outset that the book’s title, Who Is Jesus?

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