Who Is Jesus?

| February 6, 2015

Greg Gilbert. Who Is Jesus?. Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2015. 144 pp. $12.99.

Ten billion years from now, every one of us will exist. And the quality of our eternity will be tethered to how we answered a question: who is Jesus? It’s the most important question any of us will ever face. Indeed, we can only begin to truly understand ourselves, each other, and this whirling marble we live on once we know who he is. In his newest book, Who Is Jesus?, Greg Gilbert is a worthy tour guide through the mystery of the cosmos: Jesus crucified and risen from the dead.

Gilbert, senior pastor of Third Avenue Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky, walks readers through seven areas showing who Jesus is:

  1. “An Extraordinary Man, and Then Some.” Jesus is an astonishing teacher and miracle worker—showing him to be the Son of God.
  2. “King of Israel, King of Kings.” Jesus is the long-expected Messiah, and the King of the universe.
  3. “The Great ‘I Am’. . . .” Jesus is fully divine, very God of very God.
  4. “. . . Is One of Us.” Jesus is also truly human.
  5. “The Triumph of the Last Adam.” Jesus is the…

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