Whom Do You Serve—the Dragon or the Lamb?

Kevin Halloran | February 2, 2017

A friend quipped as he was finishing seminary that when asked his post-graduation plans, he would respond, “I’m going to be a celebrity pastor.” While his tongue-in-cheek remark brought laughs, it reminded of a real temptation leaders face.

Five years ago, pastor Jamin Goggin and theologian Kyle Strobel began to see this temptation in their own lives, and noted how an unhealthy desire for power superseded their devotion to Christ. This began their journey to understand where true kingdom power comes from and what it’s ultimately for.

In Search of True Kingdom Power 

Goggin and Strobel went to sages of the faith. The diverse group included evangelical theologians J. I. Packer and Marva Dawn; racial reconciliation champion John Perkins; Catholic theologian Jean Vanier (a mentor of Henri Nouwen); James Houston (founder of Regent College and co-founder of the C. S. Lewis Institute); and two prolific writers on spirituality, the late Dallas Willard and Eugene Peterson. This lineup is a major strength of the book (even if one might question a choice or two), providing insights from a diverse set of lives that exemplify kingdom power through weakness.

This journey—documented in Goggin and Strobel’s new book, The Way of the Dragon or the Way of the Lamb: Searching

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