Why Am I So Emotional Over Basketball?

Dan Doriani | June 30, 2017

Jason knew staff meeting typically began with a moment of recognition for jobs well done, but today he squirmed as his colleagues heaped praise on Michael. They were friendly rivals, so there was no reason to be upset. Last week Michael learned that his father had cancer and everyone wanted to support him. Jason knew this, yet as people went on and on about Michael, his distress grew. Fifteen minutes later, on the third agenda item, he blew up—and he knew why. Why am I so emotional? he asked himself that night. But Jason’s distress is no mystery. His gods—self-worth, competence, career—were threatened.

In moments like these, we tend to tell ourselves, Don’t be so emotional. But Jason’s problems began with his heart, not his emotions. Yes, emotions are fallen, but no more fallen or sinful than any other faculty. Jason didn’t lose his temper because of a conflict between his rational mind and irrational emotions. He sinned as a whole person. 

Our emotions are an essential element of human nature, part of God’s plan for a happy humanity. Healthy emotions are God’s gift, just like a good mind, will, spirit, or body. There is a time for each emotion—“a time to…

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