Why Are Non-Christians TGC15 Panelists?

Bethany Jenkins | April 6, 2015

The Gospel Coalition Council Members don’t agree on all theological issues. When it comes to baptism, for example, some restrict it to professing believers, while others baptize infants. Even in areas where they do agree, like complementarianism, the way theological implications play out in their churches and contexts differs significantly.

In the end, though, TGC Council Members come together as allies. “An ally,” Francis Schaeffer explained, “is a person who is a born-again Christian with whom I can go a long way down the road . . . now I don’t say to the very end, because I’m a Presbyterian and I might not be able to form a church with a strong Baptist . . . but we can go a long way down the road.” As allies, TGC Council Members come together to accomplish the same fundamental goal—to keep the gospel central in preaching, teaching, and living. (See TGC’s Foundation Documents.)

Common Enemies

There was another term important to Schaeffer and his work—co-belligerent. “A co-belligerent,” he said, “is a person who may not have any sufficient basis for taking the right position, but takes the right position on a single issue. And I can join with him without any danger…

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