Why Christmas Is Even Better than You Think

Scott James | December 14, 2016

Have you ever had the feeling you’re missing what’s right in front of you? That something important is hiding in plain sight? In his new book, Hidden Christmas: The Surprising Truth Behind the Birth of Christ [interview | 20 quotes], The Gospel Coalition co-founder and vice president Tim Keller helps us avoid this by displaying Christmas truths in a fresh light. For believers and unbelievers alike, the Christmas story can become so familiar that we feel there’s nothing new to consider. Addressing this attitude head-on, Hidden Christmas rouses us to the truth that “Christmas, like God himself, is both more wondrous and more threatening than we imagine” (3).

In his engaging style, Keller interacts with a series of well-known Christmas passages with both clarity and depth; he seeks to be edifying to believers and compelling to unbelievers. Seeing Christmas as “the one moment of the year when our secular society and the Christian church are, to a degree, thinking about the same thing” (4), Keller encourages us not to overlook the fact that the message of Christmas is nothing less than the gospel in miniature. Ensuring the truths of Christmas are less hidden in our own hearts will make us more aware of opportunities…

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