Why Doesn’t Our Faith Move Mountains?

Thomas Schreiner | November 22, 2016

Editors’ note: This series analyzes perplexing passages of the Bible. Previously:

Peter tells us Paul wrote some things that are hard to understand (2 Pet. 3:16).

Jesus said some difficult things, too. 

Twice the Lord told his disciples that if they had faith like a mustard seed they could do jaw-dropping things. In Matthew, mustard seed faith is tied to expelling a demon, and Jesus says those who have such faith can move mountains (Matt. 17:20). In Luke, those with mustard seed faith will be able to forgive those who sin against them since such faith can pluck up mulberry trees and cast them into the sea (Luke 17:6). All kinds of questions enter our minds.

What is faith like a mustard seed?

Why doesn’t our faith move mountains?

Are we failing to see great things from God because of our lack of faith?

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