Why Genesis 1 Is Pro-Science

Glen Scrivener | October 2, 2017

It’s difficult to think of any piece of literature more supportive of the modern scientific enterprise than Genesis 1.

It provides all the necessary foundations for science, including three prerequisites.

1. Laws Up Above

The ancient Chinese had incredible technology, but not science as we know it. Why? Because while they were intelligent, they did not believe in a Higher Intelligence—not in the Bible's sense. They didn’t think there were ever-present, always-applicable laws of nature that governed the universe. They went out into the world and tamed it through technology, but they didn’t seek to press into the deeper laws of the universe.

That’s because they didn’t have Genesis 1. They didn’t believe that “In the beginning, God.” They didn’t believe that through his Word an ordered cosmos was created that shows all the hallmarks of dependable regularities—seasons and spheres with boundaries and signs in the sky, all going round and round, evening and morning, evening and morning. The God of Genesis 1 is a God both prior to nature and beyond nature; therefore, he gives us every reason to expect laws of nature. This understanding is absolutely vital if you want to do science.

It’s not uncommon today to hear scientists doubt that a “grand unified…

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