Why I’m No Longer a United Methodist

Collin Hansen | May 23, 2016

I watch the United Methodist Church’s struggles from the sidelines. I am an outsider. I have no stake in the outcome. I have no seat at the General Conference, no vote for future of the the nearly 13-million-member global denomination. I have no voice over whether the Book of Discipline will be changed to allow for same-sex relationships.

This is not my fight. These are not my people.

Yet these were my people. If anyone else thinks he has reason for confidence in his Methodism, I have more. Baptized and confirmed in the United Methodist Church. Married in the United Methodist Church. As to zeal, traveled from South Dakota to Los Angeles as a teenager to declare my intent to pursue ordination as a United Methodist minister. As to education, attended a university founded by Methodists with plans to study in the United Methodist seminary at its heart.


My familial allegiances, however, run much deeper. My mother’s parents were both certified lay ministers in the United Methodist Church. I don’t believe my grandmother has yet forgiven me for not seeking ordination in her church. She doesn’t know her family’s entire ethnic makeup, because her father only told her they were Methodists.

And that’s not even…

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