Why It’s Foolish to Underestimate the Gift of Faith

Adam Mabry | May 2, 2016

I had a disturbing experience before I planted our church.

Prior to moving to Boston to plant Aletheia (the church I now lead), I visited the city. Taking some time to talk to local pastors and leaders, I hoped to gain some insight into the upcoming work. What I got was—to me, at least—disturbingly similar to the report the spies gave to Moses in Numbers 13.

“It’s really hard, here,” they said. “Don’t expect to grow too quickly.”

“I don’t think a church can surpass 200 here,” one leader told me. “It’s a different kind of work you have to be prepared to do.”

There’s giants in them there hills.

Over and over I heard about how hard planting a church in Boston would be, and how my expectations should be measured. While I appreciate that these earnest, godly men were trying to protect me from disappointment, after the fourth or fifth statement like this, I began to get a bit angry. 

I’m Reformed. I believe in a great, big, powerful, sovereign God who spoke stars and supernovae into existence, split the sea, stopped the sun in the sky, and raised his Son from death. Why, I asked myself, am I

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