Why Leaders Must Wait for Those They Love

Dave Harvey | May 5, 2017

As a leader, your heart breaks. It’s someone close to you—maybe a church member, a dear friend, a sibling, or even one of your kids. You love them, but you hate their choices. It’s not a self-righteous thing; you just see how their decisions are stalling their growth.

That’s not to say there is no progress. It’s just all seems backward. You’ve prayed and sought counsel. Everything that can be said has been said. All that’s left is waiting. But leaders don’t wait well; we are wired for initiative. Waiting feels so counterintuitive, so docile, like you are running off the field to hit the showers and then take a seat in the stands.

Real leaders don’t wait, they initiate! So why wait?

Waiting Is Active

In Scripture, waiting is never passive. In fact, it’s an aggressive, faith-fueled, Godward thing. Waiting is a display of glorious weakness where we move deliberately and consistently toward God in prayerful reliance, asking him to do what only he can. For David, it required strength and courage (Ps. 27:14; 31:24). Far from inert, waiting displays a deep and abiding faith in God’s ability to respond. “But for you, O LORD, do I wait; it is you…

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