Why St. Nick Can’t Save Santa

| December 22, 2015

In the first half of the fourth century, St. Nicholas of Myra punched the Trinity-denying Arius in the face. At least, that’s what the memes on my newsfeed say. Regardless of the historicity, the motivation behind its retelling is clear: the true meaning of Christmas has been watered down because a secular, make-believe figure has been elevated to the same level as Jesus.

The King of Kings now shares the spotlight with Kris Kringle.

St. Nick Solution 

St. Nicholas appears to offer some help. On the one hand, he offers a certain “Christian” flavor to the Santa myth. In the war on Christmas, Christians have a secret weapon. We have a man behind enemy lines, hiding in plain, red-coated sight. Likewise, St. Nick grounds Santa in history. The complaint of Christian parents vis-à-vis Santa has long been: how can we say Jesus and Santa are real without expecting our kids to doubt the former once they stop believing in the latter?

You can see the appeal of the St. Nick option. Historically, Jesus and St. Nick are both “real” in the same way King Edward IV and Teddy Roosevelt both occupied time and space. Spiritually, Jesus and St. Nick are both “faithful” in the same way Thomas Aquinas and John Bunyan were…

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