Why the Oscars Matter to Christians

Samuel James | February 25, 2017

Will you watch the Oscars? 

For those who don’t know, the 89th Academy Awards are this weekend. Movie buffs will relish the competition and mystery of the night that honors the film industry’s best of the year, and many others will tune in hopes of seeing their favorite actors or actresses. For nearly a century, the Oscars have been American pop culture’s last and most prestigious award ceremony, bringing the year of entertainment to a star-studded crescendo.  

The Oscars are fun, yes. But should believers enjoy them too? Conservative evangelicals often think little of mainstream movie culture. It’s not a mystery that the industry is dominated by progressive politics and secular worldviews. I’ve talked to many who feel that the Oscar telecast is little more than a three-hour showcase for Hollywood’s ideology, and perhaps a celebration of some stories and ideas that Christians ought not endorse. 

These concerns are legitimate. But I believe Christians would be wise to enjoy and appreciate the Academy Awards. To use Andy Crouch’s helpful terminology, evangelicals should beware of adopting an instinctively hostile posture toward culture. Rather, our posture ought to be one of grateful discernment, rejoicing in what’s good and rejecting what’s bad when necessary. I can think of at least…

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