Why Women’s Ministry?

Kathleen Nielson | September 11, 2015

Editors’ note: Today we begin a series addressing your specific questions related to ministry among women through the local church. We have a team of women eager to respond to a select number of questions. Please send all questions on the subject of women’s ministry to our coordinator for women’s initiatives, Mallie Taylor (mallie.taylor [@] thegospelcoalition.org). 

Then make sure to pick up a copy of Word-Filled Women’s Ministry: Loving and Serving the Church (Crossway) [review]. This new book casts a vision for ministry among women that’s grounded in God’s Word, grows in the context of God’s people, and aims for the glory of God’s Son. You can also now register for our 2016 National Women’s Conference, June 16 to 18, in Indianapolis.

Why women’s ministry?

I recently received this question from a woman who describes herself as a complementarian in a church filled mostly with egalitarians. How should she answer? How can she articulate the value of women’s ministry for those who believe men’s and women’s roles in the church should be identical?

The question arises often—and just as often from various complementarian contexts. Why shouldn’t women simply participate in church services, small groups, and various ministries along with the rest…

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