Why You Should Consider Adoption

| November 23, 2015

November is National Adoption Month, a time when many American churches focus one Sunday to discuss the plight of the fatherless. Some hearts will be stirred to action, and will begin the process of fostering or adopting. Sadly, though, many who want to help a child will decide not to for a variety of reasons—some legitimate, others based on misunderstandings and fears.

Below I will address a few common arguments against adoption, and make a case for adoption. Before diving in, though, I’d like to be clear on one point. Adoption is not for everyone.

All Called to Help

The Lord doesn’t place a call on everyone’s heart to adopt. Nevertheless, I think the church should handle adoption and caring for the fatherless like we handle the Great Commission. While not everyone is called to adopt, as part of the church everyone does play a role in caring for the fatherless (James 1:27).

There are innumerable ways to carry out this role. Here are a couple suggestions:

  • Incorporate the issue into regular preaching from the pulpit. God’s care for the vulnerable is evident throughout Scripture, so instead of a topical sermon consider addressing these themes regularly.
  • Make adoption an inner-church dialogue between believers. Good theology should be the foundation…

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