Why You Shouldn’t Run Toward Ministry

Dave Harvey | July 1, 2016

Most careers travel a discernible path to the top. Being a lawyer starts with getting a law degree. Then comes the bar exam, and if you manage to pass, you might get an entry-level job at a law firm. If you’re willing to ante up with the necessary blood, sweat, and billable hours, you might get promoted to partner. You start at the bottom and work your way to the top.

This is how almost all careers work. To get the necessary skills, you start at the bottom, doing grunt work, and then slowly claw your way to the top, maybe muddying a couple of middle managers as you go.

Pastoral ministry isn’t like most careers.

The call to ministry isn’t necessarily revealed by the degree or skill set you possess, although those things certainly play some part in ministry. Ironically, the call to ministry emerges as you diligently apply yourself to something every other Christian is called to as well: service in your local church.

Service Reveals Calling


Today there is a trend of young men wanting to know their gifts and use their gifts in ministry—and to do it all quickly. And while the desire to be a pastor is certainly noble…

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