Why Your Church Should Support Fewer Missionaries

Mike Pettengill | January 20, 2016

Like many families, churches are perennially trying to balance their monthly budgets and make those valuable dollars stretch in a way that best honors God. They want to make an impact in global outreach and be good stewards of God’s resources.

Yet as they consider expanding their involvement in missions, the world map in the church lobby can too often become the benchmark for a successful missions ministry. They support missionaries so they can put pins in more countries or have a missionary on each continent. 

Frequently, churches support 10, 20, or 30 missionaries at a small monthly amount. Missions involvement for many churches is a mile wide and an inch deep. Making a broad impact is nice, but making a deep impact would result in greater influence and glory to God. 

Churches who support 30 missionaries at a low level might prayerfully consider reducing their number of supported missionaries to perhaps five or less—so that they can dive deeper into those ministries and lives.

Deeper Impact

When investing more substantively into fewer missionaries, a church and its leadership will truly get to know their missionary partners. As the relationship grows and trust develops, a congregation can care for the needs of the missionaries it supports as…

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