Why Your Ministry Needs to Multiply

Matt Dirks | April 15, 2016

You’ve been to one of those church leadership meetings. The kind where everyone is stumbling in on their first cup of coffee, but one guy comes bouncing in with a wild look in his eye. After sitting down he starts tapping his foot impatiently, waiting to speak. Finally, he lets it fly: some crazy new ministry idea inspired by the book he just read or the conference he just attended.

“We need to visit the house of every family in our city at least once a year!” . . . “Ohhh-kay. So who gave you a copy of The Reformed Pastor?”

“We should all cancel our summer vacations and spend a week doing ministry in the slums!” . . . “Hmm. So you finally got around to reading Radical, huh?”

“How come we’re not planting more churches? A new church is eight times more effective in evangelism than an established church!” . . . “Oh yeah, you just got back from the Exponential conference, didn’t you?”

Sure, there’s often a kernel of truth in even the craziest idea. Shouldn’t you have a system for reaching people in your community? And shouldn’t you always be aiming for gospel simplicity and generosity? And…

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