Will God Protect My Children?

Michael Patton | September 29, 2014

My friend was not a Christian, but he was seriously considering it. He was one of my wild friends from my younger, crazier days. We used to drive from bar to bar looking for trouble.

We often talked about Jesus. I was one of those dichotomous Christians who did what he could to evangelize while neck deep in the clutches of carnality. He was an atheist and pretty determined to stand his ground. Initially, our reconnect involved uncomfortable retellings of our former days of sin along with some (compromising?) laughter about such.

But we spent the next year talking about Christ. Here we were, a decade later, having the same types of conversations during a different stage of life. He’s married with kids. I’m married with kids. He’s thinking about bigger, more profound things. I’m teaching about bigger, more profound things.

Hurdle 1 – Do’s and Don’ts

I was excited and prayerfully hopeful about what God might be doing in his life. We talked on the phone about once a week. Often, we went late into the night. During these talks, he would present his objections and questions, and I would present the possible answers. Sometimes he put his wife on…

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