Writers Needed for Global Mission

Bill Walsh | November 16, 2015

Editor’ note: We are grateful to have received so many inquiries. Application is now closed. Please pray for fruitful awareness and ministry for TGC International Outreach.

Good writing is central to God’s purposes. Though we won’t find “writing” in the apostle Paul’s list of spiritual gifts, the skillful construction of letters, articles, and books are powerful vehicles for sharing the gospel and strengthening the church around the globe.

Has God equipped and called you to write as a means of using your spiritual gifts? By writing stories for The Gospel Coalition International Outreach, the Lord could use you to put a face on those who live amid theological famine—otherwise invisible pastors and churches, especially in the Global South. He might use your writing to move readers to action: prayer, support, and mission trips that deliver Christ-centered resources into hands that need them.

TGCIO needs qualified volunteers to publish stories. Members of our writing team are asked to contribute one story every six to eight weeks. Working with a volunteer editor, they draw on reports and interviews from those in the field who battle the effects of theological famine. Articles are posted on TGC’s website, where God may use them to touch others on behalf of the global church.  

If your…

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