You Asked: Did Jesus Assume a Fallen Human Nature?

Luke Stamps | December 19, 2012

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Alex B. from Lynchburg, Virginia, asks:

The tradition of the Western church has been that Jesus had a sinless human nature. I have held this position without ever thinking twice about it. But recently I've read T. F. Torrance, where he asks, "If our sin nature condemns us a believers, and Jesus did not have a sin nature, then how is the payment for my sin nature covered at the cross?" I have also come across scriptures like Hebrews 2:17 that says he is like us in "every respect" and James 2:14-15, which teaches that if Jesus was "tempted like we are" then the sin had to be alluring to some part of his being. So what is the nature of Jesus' nature?

We posed the question to Luke Stamps, assistant professor of Christian studies at California Baptist University in the online and professional studies division.


This question is highly relevant for a couple of reasons. First, it represents a pressing…

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