You Can’t Win the Neighbor You Fear

Collin Hansen | February 23, 2017

Following Jesus demands that we share his good news with people we don’t know, people not like us, even people we hate. 

You can see, then, why our current political climate is so dangerous for believers. Politics disciples us to despise our neighbors, especially the ones we don’t know, don’t look like us, don’t act like we do.

Followers of Jesus walk in faith and love . . . but the world stirs us to fear and loathe.

Followers of Jesus, by contrast, walk in faith and love by the power of the Holy Spirit. We have faith even when persecuted, and we love even our worst enemies. But the world stirs us to fear and loathe in order to sell us some gold in between segments of Sports Shouting. Do you ever wonder why everyone complains about negative campaigning, but nothing ever changes?

Because it works.

It doesn’t matter your political persuasion, either. Whether you watch Duck Dynasty or The Bachelor, your fear and loathing pay the bills and fill the polling places.

Hate motivates.

Political Climate

Given this political climate, we’re not surprised that unbelievers don’t like evangelical Christians. Because white evangelical Christians are so closely linked with the Republican…

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