Your Work Matters to God, But Does It Matter to the Church?

Gaye Clark | January 4, 2016

Our Sunday school class recently had a series on the workplace. In an opening lesson, as a man in a video spoke of how secular jobs were just as kingdom-significant as those labeled “Christian ministry,” I could feel my angst rising. Conscious of my frustration, I opted not to speak when we broke into smaller discussion groups.

That was a great plan until the woman beside me poked me and said, “Surely you have some thoughts on all this?” Everyone nodded.

With a pained smile, I cleared my throat. “I’m honestly thinking that nearly everyone in this room—from the doctors and lawyers to the lady who cleans houses for a living—knows their work matters to God. What I really want to know is, does my work matter to the church?”

Where Has God Called You to Serve?

The mandate to “finish well” with a not-so-subtle hint that we—the “older generation”—should do more to serve in the church has left many feeling a bit defensive. Some of us still work full-time—and not by choice or simply to maintain a higher lifestyle. We have a full and overflowing ministry at work, a place God has us serve.

As I’ve grown older and become my family’s primary…

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