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  1. You Are Bringing Strange Things to Our Ears: Christian Apologetics for a Postmodern Age
    R. Albert Mohler Jr. and Gene Mims March 25, 2001
  2. The Whole Earth is Full of His Glory: The Recovery of Authentic Worship
    R. Albert Mohler Jr. and James M. Hamilton December 19, 1998
  3. The Eclipse of God at Century's End: Evangelicals Attempt Theology Without Theism
    R. Albert Mohler Jr. and Lel Ryken March 2, 1997
  4. Sermon: The Sanctity of Life and the Culture of Death
    R. Albert Mohler Jr. and Daniel L. Akin June 25, 2003
  5. Standing Together, Standing Apart: Cultural Co-Belligerence Without Theological Compromise
    R. Albert Mohler Jr. December 25, 2001
  6. Church Discipline: The Missing Mark
    R. Albert Mohler Jr. and Donald Hustad December 25, 2000
  7. Baptist Theology at the CrosSr.oads: The Legacy of E.Y. Mullins
    R. Albert Mohler Jr. and Aaron Hanbury December 19, 1999
  8. Baptist Identity: Is There a Future?
    R. Albert Mohler Jr. and Jeremiah B. Jeter March 21, 2005
  9. A Conflict of Visions: The Theological Roots of the Southern Baptist Controversy
    R. Albert Mohler Jr., Timothy George, and Robert Smith Jr. March 25, 2003
  10. Revisiting "Faithful Presence": To Change the World Five Years Later
    Collin Hansen, R. Albert Mohler Jr., Greg Forster, Daniel Strange, Vermon Pierre, Hunter Baker, and K. A. Ellis November 12, 2015