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  1. God's Undeserved Gift to the World: Christian Sufferers
    John Piper Hebrews 11:37-39
  2. Does It Pay to Visit Vermin?
    John Piper James 1:27
  3. Is Zeal for Good Praised or Persecuted?
    John Piper 1 Peter 3:13-16
  4. When Does God Answer Prayer?
    John Piper 1 John 3:22-23
  5. When Satan Hurts Christ’s People
    John Piper Revelation 2:10
  6. Can the Regenerate Be Erased from the Book of Life?
    John Piper Revelation 3:5
  7. What Will the Final Judgment Mean for You?
    John Piper Revelation 20
  8. Ten Reasons Why It Is Wrong to Take the Life of Unborn Children
    John Piper
  9. Take Heed How You Hear!
    John Piper
  10. Facts: Seen and Unseen
    John Piper
  11. Rethinking the Governance Structure at Bethlehem Baptist Church
    John Piper
  12. Definitions and Observations Concerning the Second Coming of Christ
    John Piper
  13. Was Jonathan Edwards a Christian Hedonist?
    John Piper
  14. Closed Countries and Retirement
    John Piper
  15. Letter to a Friend Concerning the So-Called "Lordship Salvation"
    John Piper
  16. Thoughts on Worship and Culture
    John Piper
  17. Signs and Wonders: Then and Now
    John Piper
  18. Beliefs about Homosexual Behavior and Ministering to Homosexual Persons
    John Piper
  19. Infant Baptism and the New Covenant Community
    John Piper
  20. Dominion Theology or Reconstructionism
    John Piper