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  1. Identifying Future Leaders and Preachers
    Bryan Chapell, Mike Bullmore, and David Helm
  2. John Piper on the Missionary Call
    John Piper and Mark Mellinger
  3. Dimensions of Gospel Truth
    Tullian Tchividjian and Chris Castaldo
  4. Discipling Women in the Workplace
    Elyse Fitzpatrick, Katherine Leary Alsdorf, and Lydia Brown
  5. Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God?
    Thabiti Anyabwile and Collin Hansen
  6. Does Church Size Matter?
    Matt Chandler, Kevin DeYoung, and Mark Dever
  7. Don't Be a Hater
    David Platt and Mark Mellinger
  8. Don't Be More Gospel-Centered Than Jesus
    Greg Gilbert, Trevin Wax, and J.D. Greear
  9. Don't Hate on Rural Ministry
    Collin Hansen, Stephen Um, and Jared Wilson
  10. Don't Rob the Youth
    David Platt, Cameron Cole, and Liz Edrington
  11. Don't Use E-mail to Correct Others
    James MacDonald and C.J. Mahaney
  12. Evidences of a Maturing Evangelical Mind
    Albert Mohler, Phil Ryken, and Michael Lindsay
  13. Faithful Presence Is Not Enough
    Collin Hansen and Chris Castaldo
  14. Faithmapping
    Justin Taylor, Mike Cosper, and Daniel Montgomery
  15. First Day of Classes: Where Are the Men?
    Collin Hansen and Phil Ryken
  16. Get to Know World Harvest Mission
    Collin Hansen and Bob Osborne
  17. Getting to Know Conrad Mbewe
    D. A. Carson and Conrad Mbewe
  18. Getting to Know the Bible Personally as One Grand Narrative
    Kent Hughes, Ligon Duncan, and David Jackman
  19. Biblical Authority in an Age of Uncertainty
    D. A. Carson, John Piper, and Tim Keller
  20. Can't Afford to Be Color Blind
    John Piper and Collin Hansen