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  1. Monday Morning Motivation
    Matt Perman and Collin Hansen
  2. Multiple Sites: Yea or Nay? Dever, Driscoll, and MacDonald Vote
    Mark Dever, Mark Driscoll, and James MacDonald
  3. Never a Dull Day
    Mark Mellinger and Alistair Begg
  4. No Ordinary Marriage
    Justin Taylor and Tim Savage
  5. Non-Shepherding" Pastors: Option or Oxymoron?
    Bryan Chapell, Mike McKinley, and J.D. Greear
  6. Old Hymns for Our Day
    Mike Cosper, Kevin Twit, and Isaac Wardell
  7. One Movement, Many Streams
    Justin Taylor, Collin Hansen, and Owen Strachan
  8. Only the Triune God Is Love
    D. A. Carson, John Piper, and Tim Keller
  9. People Want a Pastor
    Matt Chandler, Michael Horton, and Tim Keller
  10. The 2009 National Conference Question 2
    D. A. Carson
  11. Piety and Confessionalism: Friends or Enemies?
    Kevin DeYoung, Michael Horton, and Ligon Duncan
  12. Piper and Meyer Talk Succession for the First Time
    John Piper, Justin Taylor, and Jason Meyer
  13. Piper on Regrets and Retirement
    John Piper and Collin Hansen
  14. Piper Responds to the Insider Movement
    John Piper and Collin Hansen
  15. Preaching Goofs
    Matt Chandler, Mark Dever, and James MacDonald
  16. Preaching through difficult parts of the Bible
    Bryan Chapell, Mike McKinley, and J.D. Greear
  17. Preaching to the Affections Without Manipulating Them
    Voddie Baucham, John Piper, and Miguel Núñez
  18. Preventing Sexual Abuse in the Church
    Justin Holcomb, Trillia Newbell, and Scotty Smith
  19. The Gospel Coalition 2011 Conference
    D. A. Carson and Tim Keller
  20. Part 3. The God Who Writes His Own Agreements
    D. A. Carson