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  1. Why Were the Montanists Condemned?
    David F. Wright
  2. Comparative Methods and Patriarchal Narratives
    Martin J. Selman
  3. Can We Dispence With Chalcedon?
    Gerald E. Bray
  4. Universalism: a Historical Survey
    Richard Bauckham
  5. Was the Tomb Really Empty?
    Robert H. Stein
  6. How Do We Interpret the Bible Today?
    I. Howard Marshall
  7. Interpreting Texts in the Context of the Whole Bible
    David Baker
  8. Spirit and Life: Some Reflections on Johannine Theology
    David Wenham
  9. Old Testament Prophets' Self-Understanding of Their Prophecy
    Douglas Stuart
  10. Cloning, stem-cell research, and the Bible
    J. Kerby Anderson
  11. The Doctrine of the Kingdom in Matthew 13
    Mark L. Bailey
  12. Is Hell Forever?
    Millard J. Erickson
  13. The Hermeneutics of Biblical Lyric Poetry
    Daniel J. Estes
  14. Viticulture and John 15:1-6
    Gary W. Derickson
  15. Is Faith a Gift from God or a Human Exercise?
    Rene A. Lopez
  16. No, Not Yet: The Contingency of God's Promised Kingdom
    Stanley D. Toussaint and Jay A. Quine
  17. The Table of Nations in Genesis 10 - Its Content: Part 3 Studies in the Book of Genesis
    Allen P. Ross
  18. Studies in the Book of Genesis. Part 4: The Dispersion of the Nations in Genesis 11:1-9
    Allen P. Ross
  19. Studies in the Life of Jacob: Part 2: Jacob at the Jabbok, Israel at Peniel
    Allen P. Ross
  20. The History of Interpretation of the Song of Songs
    J. Paul Tanner