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  1. Observations on the Version of the Bible Called 'The Jerusalem Bible'
    J. de. Savignac
  2. The most Interesting Words in the World, ben
    F.W. Gingrich
  3. Considerations for the Translation of Greek en
    W.R. Hutton
  4. Certain Cameroun Translations: Analysis and Plan
    William L. Reyburn
  5. Thailand Translators' Conference
    J. Edwin Hudspith
  6. The Role of the Heart in the Translation of Acts in Some Northern Bantu Languages
    William D. Reyburn
  7. Words that Intrique
    William Barclay
  8. 'Having Loosed the Pangs of Death'
    Robert G. Bratcher
  9. Note on G'RH with Especial Reference to Proverbs 13:8
    Francis M. Seely
  10. Principles of Bible Translating in the Year 1727
  11. The Scriptures: Translation and Distribution
    William L. Wonderly
  12. Weights, Moeny, Measures, and Time
    Robert G. Bratcher
  13. How Intelligible Is a Literal Translation
    David G. Fox
  14. Bible Translation in Assam
    Wesley Culshaw
  15. Orthography Conference for French West Africa
    William A. Smalley
  16. The translation of the Bible: some questions of principle. Bible Translator
    Charles Harold Dodd
  17. 'Leprosy' and the Bible
    K.P.C.A. Gramberg
  18. The translation of theological terms in some of the major dialects of the Philippines
    G. Henry Waterman
  19. The Lwo Bible
    Mildred Brown
  20. Translation and teaching: one without the other is not enough!
    William H. Walker