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  1. Figures of Speech in the Chol New Testament
    Wilbur Aulie
  2. Finding Out How Close Related Dialects Are, Part II
    William A. Smalley
  3. The Value of the Versions for the Textual Criticism of the the New Testament
    A.F.J. Klijn
  4. An Indian's Interpretation St. Luke in Simple Spanish
    Joseph E. Grimes
  5. Ngbandi Terminology in Translating Christian Ideas
    Quentin D. Nelson
  6. Some Notable Readings of Papyrus Bodmer II.
    J. Ramsey Michaels
  7. Conclusion of the Revision of the Luther New Testament
    Ernst Gess
  8. Notes on the Chinese Version of the Bible
    Tun-Jou Ku
  9. Some Problems in Translating Paragraphs Idiomatically
    James Lauriault
  10. The book eternal
    Boris Zaitzeff
  11. The Bible in modern Chinese - a symposium
    John J. Kijne
  12. Several Kru orthographies
    Joseph E. Grimes, Augustus B. Marweih, and Amy Bauernschmidt
  13. Do tribal languages have a future: a study of the Miskito language of Honduras and Nicaragua
    Eugene A. Nida
  14. The translation of questions into Huixteco
    Marion M. Cowan
  15. The New Testament translated for the Norwegian youth
    Age Holter
  16. Light on sayings of Jesus - Interpreting the 'Gospel of Thomas'
    Robert McL. Wilson
  17. The translation of the Bible into Slovak
    Karol Gabris
  18. Mark 10:11 once again
    Peter Katz
  19. Problems of orthography and word division in East African vernacular Bantu languages
    H. Beck
  20. Problems of syntax in the translation of the Sciptures in Philippine dialects
    G. Henry Waterman