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  1. Why Send Missionaries to the Heathen?
    Edward Norman Harris
  2. The Conservation of a Race as a Missionary By-Product
    Edward Norman Harris
  3. The Christian Law of Self-Sacrifice
    Samuel Harris
  4. Characteristics Distinctive of Christ's Kingdom as Created by Redemption From the World, or the Kingdom of Satan
    Samuel Harris
  5. The Idea of Christ's Kingdom on Earth, In Itself and in its History, Proof That it is From God
    Samuel Harris
  6. The Divine Agency in the Establishment Administration, and Triumph of Christ's Kingdom
    Samuel Harris
  7. The Organic and Visible Manifestation of Christ's Kingdom and the Human Agency in its Advancement
    Samuel Harris
  8. The Christian Law of Service
    Samuel Harris
  9. Characteristics of the Growth of Christ's Kingdom
    Samuel Harris
  10. The Scriptural Doctrine of the Triumph of Christ's Kingdom Distinguished from Millenarianism
    Samuel Harris
  11. The Gift of Tongues
    David Greene
  12. What the Working Classes Owe to Christianity
    George F. Greene
  13. Tischendorf
    Caspar Rene Gregory
  14. Christian Ernest Luthardt's Refutation of False Views as to the Design of St. John's Gospel
    Caspar Rene Gregory
  15. Christian Ernest Luthardt on the Design of St. John's Gospel
    Caspar Rene Gregory
  16. Caedmon, The First Great English Poet
    Daniel Shleve Gregory
  17. The Validity of Congregational Ordination
    Wm. Elliot Griffis
  18. Moderate Criticism
    J.S. Griffiths
  19. Old Testament Poetry as a Vehicle for Historigraphy
    Michael A. Grisanti
  20. The Theory of a Finite and Developing Deity Examined
    L. Franklin Gruber